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Getting there & around

Pentecost has two airfields: Lonorore in the southwest and Sara in the north. Vanair(25025) has three return flights every week to both of these airfields from Vila and Luganville.

Lonorore airfield is often closed by rain. If you’re stuck, you can get to Sara airfield by truck up the west coast road, a set of ruts hanging onto cliff faces (30,000Vt); or to Craig Cove in Ambrym by speedboat (20, 000Vt).

Pentecost has good protection from the Southeast Trade Winds along the west coast, with many anchorages and landing places. Panas and Loltong are popular.

A speedboat across Patteson Strait between Laone on Pentecost and Asanvari on Maewo is around 5000Vt. However, there’s a fierce current and you can’t cross in bad weather.