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Getting there & around

All transport options leave from the bus station by the main bazaar on Furqat. Marshrutkas and shared taxis leave every 15 minutes throughout the day to Rishton (marshrutka/taxi per person 800/3000S, 45 minutes), Fergana (1200/4000S, 1½ hours) and other points in the valley. Cheaper, slower buses leave every 45 minutes to Fergana and Andijon (1300S, three hours). There are plenty of shared taxis to Tashkent (12, 000S, three hours).

There are two daily trains to Andijon (1200S, five hours, 5am and 2pm) from the train station (Amir Timur 40).

Useful public transport options include marshrutka 2 or 4 from the main bazaar to the Hotel Kokand area, or number 15, 28 or 40 north from the bazaar to the Juma Mosque.