United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum information

Washington, DC , USA
100 Raoul Wallenberg Pl SW
+1 202 488 0400
Getting there
Metro: Smithsonian
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Opening hours
10am-5:20pm, to 6:20pm Mon-Fri Apr & May
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For a deep understanding of the Holocaust – its victims, perpetrators and bystanders – this harrowing museum is a must-see. The main exhibit gives visitors the identity card of a single Holocaust victim, whose story is revealed as you take a winding route into a hellish past marked by ghettos, rail cars and death camps. It also shows the flip side of human nature, documenting the risks many citizens took to help the persecuted.

To view the permanent exhibit, same-day passes, available at the desk on the 1st floor, are required March through August. The passes allow entrance at a designated time. Arrive early because they do run out. Better yet, reserve tickets in advance via the museum’s website for a $1 surcharge. If you have children under age 11, a gentler kids' installation is on the 1st floor.