Abay Market

restaurants / Ethiopian

Lonely Planet review

Tucked into a strip mall between a bunch of hideous apartment blocks and corporate towers is the best Ethiopian food we’ve had in the metro area. Abay is the real deal, run by an Ethiopian former air-force officer, with clientele straight out of Addis and food that will no doubt blow your mind – if you’re adventurous. Because this ain’t for the faint of heart. Abay specializes in raw or barely cooked meat, either ground up and cooked with spices (and, according to the owner, a bit of Coca-Cola), kifto style, or served in intimidating, chewy, and for our money, delicious slabs, yellow fat still definitely attached. The above comes with a very soft cheese that adds a nice, creamy complement, and should be sopped up with spongy injera bread. You’ll need to drive to get out here, but it’s cheaper than flying to the Horn of Africa, which is about the only way to beat Abay for authenticity.