Ask Lonely Planet: Where can we travel with a baby?

Here at Lonely Planet, we have travel experts on tap. In this excerpt from the July 2010 issue of Lonely Planet Magazine, they help out a reader looking for baby-friendly travel suggestions.

'We are looking for ideas to go on holiday with our seven month-old-daughter. Beaches are out, considering she can't be in the sun for too long. Our recent trips have been in European cities so we are looking for something offbeat in Europe or beyond. Any ideas?' - Divyesh Modi, London.

Here's what Lonely Planet insiders suggest:

Trip 1: Andalucía, recommended by UK travel editor Tom Hall:

'Travelling with a baby means a few changes. Out go long days rambling round cities, in come two- or three-hour outings. Self-catering might be preferable to eating out. And destinations become more attractive for facilities than scenery.

Heading south is a good idea as the more Mediterranean the culture, the greater the homage for your daughter. An ideal place is Granada in Andalucía. The Moorish Alhambra palace is astonishing, and the old Albaycin district has winding streets packed with tea houses to delight those with a buggy. You could also take it in turns to visit the Aljibe Baños Árabes (Arabic Baths). Owners Direct has some superb properties in the Albaycin, with three bed apartments from £72 per night. Book ahead for the night tour of the Alhambra. A baby-carrying backpack like those made by Little Life will help with the journey. '

Trip 2: Pennsylvania, recommended by US travel editor Robert Reid:

'Last year, my wife and I took our (at the time) six-month-old daughter on a trip across the hilly, historic 'keystone state' of the USA's East Coast - it was relaxed and entertaining for us all. Stroller-friendly Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, is great on 4 July, and my daughter loved the parade.

A short drive west, the Gettysburg battlefield site makes Civil War buffs out of anyone. Another couple of hours west is Pittsburgh - we dropped into the Andy Warhol Museum, saw the swinging fish sculptures outside the Children's Museum, and enjoyed food stands along the riverfront. For a day trip, we drove southeast of town through the gorgeous hills to Fallingwater, the famed Frank Lloyd Wright home. Pennsylvania, at our baby's pace, surprised us. And seeing my daughter reacting at the Philadelphia parade stands out as one of my favourite travel experiences of all time.'

Trip 3: Taipei, recommended by Lonely Planet Publisher Jane Thompson:

taipei'Compared to Asia's big three (Shanghai, Beijing & Hong Kong), many people overlook Taipei. And yet it has amazing food and history and is very friendly, especially for those with children. Some of the best food is found  at night markets, especially at Shilin or Danshui, so no embarrassing restaurant tantrums.

Architecture ranges from Qing dynasty temples to Taipei 101, the world's second tallest building. The National Palace Museum has one of the finest collections of Chinese art in the world. Parks abound in the city, but if you fancy a break from city life you could also take a day trip to the tea-growing hills of Maokong. Or do some hiking and take a dip in a hot spring at the family-friendly Yangmingshan National Park. For accommodation, stay close to the action and transport in the Old Town district of Wanhua with the Tango Hotel LinSen; the Sheraton Taipei has a babysitting service.'

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