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Introducing Van Horn

Van Horn is notable mainly as a travelers' overnight spot on the long desert that is I-10 in west Texas, sitting at the crossroads of the interstate, Hwy 54 (which runs north to Guadalupe Mountains National Park) and Hwy 90 (a major route to Big Bend country).

Most people on the interstate truck on through to El Paso, which is just two more hours away, but if you're ready to bunk down for the night, there are a few motels right off the interstate. Better yet, try the historic Hotel El Capitan, a richly decorated Spanish hacienda–style lodging which has considerably more charm than the chains.

Hungry? Stop off for a little Tex-Mex at Chuy's Spanish Inn. It's right on the highway, so you can't miss it. Chuy's has earned a place in 'Madden's Haul of Fame,' so named by US football broadcaster John Madden. Because he won't fly, the well-traveled Madden spends a lot of time crossing the US by bus, and he named this as one of his favorite restaurants.

If you're looking for a good place to stretch your legs, wander over to Fancy Junk, right next to Chuy's on Broadway. It's a junkyard that has taken the shape of an art exhibit.