The Alamo

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San Antonio , USA
300 Alamo Plaza
+1 210 225 1391
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9am-5:30pm Mon-Sat, from 10am Sun
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Find out why the story of the Alamo can rouse a Texan’s sense of state pride like few other things. For many, it’s not so much a tourist attraction as a pilgrimage and you might notice some of the visitors getting downright dewy-eyed at the description of how a few hundred revolutionaries died defending the fort against thousands of Mexican troops.

The main chapel building is now known as the Shrine . From here you can set off for a history talk in the Cavalry Courtyard, hearing one of many perspectives on the actual events, which are somewhat in dispute, or browse the museum in the Long Barrack , which served as a residence for the Spanish priests and later as a hospital for Mexican and Texan troops. There's also a 17-minute-long film, which not only gives you another perspective on the battle, but is an excellent place to escape the heat.