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Introducing Canyonlands National Park

A 527-sq-mile vision of ancient earth, Canyonlands National Park is Utah's largest national park. Vast serpentine canyons tipped with white cliffs loom high over the Colorado and Green Rivers, their waters a stunning 1000ft below the rim rock. Skyward-jutting needles and spires, deep craters, blue-hued mesas and majestic buttes dot the landscape. Overlooks are easy enough to reach. To explore further you'll need to contend with difficult dirt roads, great distances and limited water resources.

The Colorado and Green Rivers form a Y that divides the park into three separate districts, inaccessible to one another from within the park. Cradled atop the Y is the most developed and visited district, Island in the Sky (30 miles, 45 minutes from Moab). Think of this as the overview section of the park, where you look down from viewpoints into the incredible canyons that make up the other sections. The thin hoodoos, sculpted sandstone and epic 4WD trails of the Needles District are 75 miles and 90 minutes south of Moab. Serious skill is required to traverse the 4WD-only roads of the most inaccessible section, the Maze (130 miles, 3½ hours from Moab).