Grand Teton

Grand Teton information

Crowning glory of the park, the dagger-edged Grand Teton (4197m/13,770ft) is a classic (and challenging) climb. It starts with a strenuous hike up Garnet Canyon and making camp. Day two requires an alpine start. The Owen-Spaulding route is the most popular, but there are lots of variants to choose from.

The climb itself consists of 820m (2700ft) of elevation gain, fun scrambling, three easy 5th-class pitches, and an exciting rappel from high on the mountain. Views from above are unparalleled. Ah, and then there's getting down...Very fit nonclimbers can complete the climb with an outfitter and some training beforehand.

Day climbers don't need to register, but those staying overnight need a backcountry-use permit. Call 307 739 3604 for recorded climbing information.