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The Brandy Library by Jazz Guy

Best bars and clubs in New York City

The Brandy Library by Jazz Guy Creative Commons Attribution

Considering that Manhattan's shape resembles a bottle, and that its name is thought by some to derive from the Munsee word manahachtanienk ('place of general inebriation'), it shouldn't be surprising that New York's long been a city known for bad behaviour, drunkenness and other assorted late-night tomfoolery. In fact, some 20 years after the city was founded, Peter Stuyvesant lashed out, stating that a quarter of New Amsterdam’s buildings were taverns. Like other facets of NYC life, today's bar and club scene is ever in motion. Here in the land where the term ‘cocktail’ was born, mixed drinks are still stirred with the utmost gravitas and the city's top barkeeps are virtual celebrities. The city's craft beer culture is equally dynamic, with an ever-expanding booty of breweries, bars and shops showcasing local artisan brews. While Brooklyn may no longer be the major beer exporter of yesteryear, hipster breweries like Brooklyn Brewery and Sixpoint have put it back on the map. When clubbing it never hurts to plan ahead; having your name on a guest list can relieve unnecessary disappointment, and cash is key. Not all places take credit cards.