Voodoo Spiritual Temple

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New Orleans , USA
828 N Rampart St
+1 504 522 9627
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10:30am-5pm Mon-Fri, sometimes Sat
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Priestess Miriam Williams keeps her Voodoo Spiritual Temple stocked with religious paraphernalia from…damn, is that a Mexican crucifix next to a Nigerian Eshu statue? Under a Tibetan mandala? Above a Balinese Garuda? You get the idea. Miriam’s temple feels as New Age as it does voodoo, or maybe that’s just her interpretation of voodoo, or…whatever. The temple is big on the tour-group circuit and it’s often entertaining as hell to watch Miriam give her lectures on life, the universe and everything. In a back room, a snake relaxes in its vivarium and on the odd occasion, with a transfixed countenance, Miriam will take it out and lift it up, the snake appearing to move its body according to her will. There is, of course, an adjacent gift shop doing a brisk trade in candles, cards and gris-gris (amulets or spell bags).