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On just two days a year (the first Saturday in April and October), the public is permitted to tour the Trinity Site , where the first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, 35 miles west of Carrizozo. The eerie tour includes the base camp, the McDonald Ranch house where the plutonium core for the bomb was assembled, and ground zero itself. The test was carried out above ground and resulted in a quarter-mile-wide crater and an 8-mile-high cloud mushrooming above the desert. The radiation level of the site is ‘only’ 10 times greater than the region’s background level; a one-hour visit to ground zero will result in an exposure of one-half to one millorentgen (mrem), two to four times the estimated exposure of a typical adult on an average day in the USA. Trinitite, a green, glassy substance resulting from the blast, is still radioactive, still scattered around and still must not be touched. Resist the urge to add it to your road-trip rock collection. This desolate area is fittingly called Jornada del Muerto (Journey of Death) and is overshadowed by 8638ft Oscura Peak (Darkness Peak on state maps). Call the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce for information.