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Hoboken & Jersey City

Introducing Hoboken & Jersey City

A sort of TV-land version of a cityscape, Hoboken is a cute little urban pocket just across the Hudson River from NYC – and, because of cheaper rents that lured pioneers almost 15 years ago, a sort of sixth city borough, too. On weekends the bars and live-music venues come alive, but the town also has loads of restaurants lining commercial Washington St, some lovely residential lanes and a leafy, revitalized waterfront – a far cry from when the gritty On the Waterfront was filmed here.

High-rise buildings housing condominiums and the offices of financial firms seeking lower rents have transformed Jersey City for better or worse from a primarily blue-collar and immigrant neighborhood into a 'restored' area for the upwardly mobile. Its biggest draw is the 1200-acre Liberty State Park, which hosts outdoor concerts with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop and has a great bike trail, and also operates ferries to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Also in the park and great for kids – virtually every exhibit is interactive – is the expansive and modern Liberty Science Center.