Clark's Trading Post & The Whale's Tale

Clark's Trading Post & The Whale's Tale information

North Woodstock & Around , USA
Street US 3, Lincoln
+1 603 745 8913
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adult/3-5yr $19/8
Opening hours
9:30am-6pm Jun–mid-Oct, reduced hr May & Mon-Fri Sep & Oct
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Lonely Planet review

Just north of North Woodstock on US 3, Clark's has been a traditional family stop since 1928. If the children are bored from too much time in the car, Clark's has an old-fashioned photo parlor, water-bumper boats, a magic house and a Segway park (yup, you hop on a Segway and tool through the woods). Or take an excursion on a narrow-gauge steam locomotive. The featured attraction is the bear show, where a team of North American black bears does various tricks.