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Jonesport & Great Wass Island/USA

Introducing Jonesport & Great Wass Island

Just off the southern tip of the Jonesport Peninsula, a few miles from the town of Jonesport, Great Wass Island is a standout, a 1540 acre reserve under the control of the Nature Conservancy (207-729-5181; www.tnc.org). In order to maintain the integrity of the reserve for those who most appreciate it, the way to it is not well marked. Parking at the trailhead is also limited, but the cars parked there bear license plates from many different states. This is bird-watching for the cognoscenti.

The reserve’s attraction is its rocky coastal scenery, peat bogs, a large stand of jack pines, and bird life, including the amusing puffins. Try to make time for the 2-mile hike to Little Cape Point; it takes about 1½ to two hours, round-trip.

Jonesport and Beals Island are traditional Maine fishing and lobstering villages. The towns get a smattering of visitors during the summer season, most of whom come to take photographs, paint pictures and walk on Great Wass Island. Follow ME 187 to find most of these towns’ services, including restaurants and lodgings.