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This branch covers: Mainland USA, Hawaii & Alaska

So many posts request the impossible - that a bunch of people who have never met you magically intuit how much you have to spend and what will make you happy on vacation, generally planning out your route for three months and helping you get discount flight reservations.

So, what can you do to get great travel advice?

1. Do your homework
The web is filled with basic information like how far it is from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, or how…


3 week road trip august. Where to go?

Hi everyone,
Upcoming August my girlfriend and I want to travel in the USA. From the 1st of august until the 8th of August we will be in New york. Then we will be at a congress in columbus(Ohio) for 1 day at the 8th of August, before our trip starts.
We like to travel and experience different things, such as natural parks, mountains, arts and music, some big cities, small (traditional) villages and of course enjoying the weather without spending too much time at the beach (pref < 28 degrees…


Early arrival at Detroit Amtrak Station

Hello All,

I am considering booking an Amtrak ticket for a friend who has been staying with us in DC, to arrive in Detroit later this week. The only problem is that the train arrives at 5:08 AM and according to Amtrak's website, the station opens at 5:30 AM. She will have to likely wait 2 hours or so before another friend can pick her up - will there be a place for her to wait inside, safely until the station opens up? She will have several bags with her and it will be her first time in Detroit…


Using discount coupon in Las Vegas


I'm going to book accommodation in Las Vegas and have searched both Caeser's Palace and the Bellagio from 28th Feb and checking out on the 3rd March.

I found the following website - http://www.vegasunzipped.com/travel-deals/ and found a package deal for Caeser's Palace with the code ICIRE that reduces the price by $200. Anyone used the discount codes? Any advice? I don't want to book it and find myself red faced because I booked under a pensions discount or a national service discount..


New Orleans with children

we're planning a spring break trip to New Orleans with our 6&3yr olds (March 28th-April 5th 2015), we want to see a fair bit of the city but also do some plantation and swamp tours, get them on a riverboat if possible. We were thinking of doing our usual AirBnB, as we find it often easier with the kids in tow.

Any recommendations on places/areas to stay? Would you base in New Orleans the whole time and take day trips out or do you have recommendations for getting out of the city to explore…


First time travellers-places to stay

Hi All,

My partner and I are wanting to travel to some states within the USA. Can any of you recommend any B&B's, guesthouses etc? Anything you thought was a reasonable price.

We want to go to:
San Francisco
Las Vegas
New York

Any Help would be great

Thanks.. B N L :)


Where to move in the Pacific Northwest


This is a little less travelly, and more life-planning. But I've used TT before to good use and thought it can't hurt to just ask here & see what I get back.

I currently live in Alaska (20 years) and am thinking of moving to the Lower 48. I'm mostly thinking of leaving because I want to live somewhere with spring & fall again (not just summer & winter), and ideally good fresh produce, as well. I'm looking almost exclusively at Washington & Oregon, because I've visited…