Hoover Dam

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Lake Mead & Hoover Dam , USA
off Hwy 93
+1 702 494 2517
Telephone 2
+1 866 730 9097
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admission & 30min tour adult/child 4-16yr $15/12; with 1hr tour $30
Opening hours
9am-6pm Apr-Oct, to 5pm Nov-Mar
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Straddling the Arizona–Nevada border, the graceful concrete curve of the art deco-style Hoover Dam redefines the stark landscape. The massive 726ft structure is one of the world's tallest dams. Originally named Boulder Dam, this New Deal public works project, completed ahead of schedule and under budget in 1936, was the Colorado River's first major dam.

At the height of the Depression, thousands of men and their families migrated here to build the dam. They worked in excruciating conditions, dangling hundreds of feet above the canyon in 120°F (about 50°C) desert heat. Hundreds lost their lives.

Guided tours begin at the visitor center, with a video of original construction footage. An elevator takes visitors 50 stories below to view the dam's massive generators, which could each could power a city of 100,000 people.

Children under 8 are not permitted on the more extensive dam tour (one hour) that visits the dam passageways. Parking at the site costs $10.