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Miami , USA
2319 NW 2nd St
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The surreal house of Elián Gonzales , the subject of one of the most bitter international custody battles of the 1990s, is a shrine, time capsule and exercise in public iconography. Since 2001, the house has been a temple of anti-Castro, Cuban-exile symbology. The little property is scattered with homages to Jesus, US flags and images of Elián himself, who is all but explicitly labeled a little saint of his people. Elián’s great-uncle Delfin bought the house in late 2000, then froze time inside: Elian’s clothes hang in the closet, the inner tube that saved his life at sea hangs on the wall, and his Spiderman pajamas are laid out on the bed. And then there’s the life-sized enlargement of the Pulitzer Prize–winning photograph of Elián hiding in the closet and being seized by federal border-patrol agents at gunpoint. When we came, Delfin seemed surprised to see us, and we assume visitors have slacked off as memory of the Elián affair has faded.