Lincoln Road Mall

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Miami , USA
Opening hours
farmers' market 9am-6:30pm Sun
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Calling Lincoln Rd a mall, which many do, is like calling Big Ben a clock: it’s technically accurate but misses the point. Yes, you can shop, and shop very well here. But this outdoor pedestrian thoroughfare between Alton Rd and Washington Ave is really about seeing and being seen; there are times when Lincoln feels less like a road and more like a runway. We wouldn’t be surprised if you developed a slight crick in your neck from whipping around to check out all the fabulously gorgeous creatures that call ‘the road’ their natural environment. Carl Fisher, the father of Miami Beach, envisioned the road as a ‘5th Ave of the South.' Morris Lapidus, one of the founders of the loopy, neo-Baroque Miami Beach style, designed much of the mall, including several shady overhangs, waterfall structures and traffic barriers that look like the marbles a giant might play with. Other architectural icons of note include the Lincoln Theatre , designed by renowned theater and cinema architect Thomas W Lamb (now an H&M), and the wonderfully deco Colony Theater . There’s also an excellent farmers’ market and the Antique & Collectible Market , both held along Lincoln.