Wynwood and Design District Arts Walks

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Miami , USA
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7-10pm 2nd Sat of the month
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It's hipsters gone wild! Hmm, that doesn't actually sound very fun, so we'll put it another way: It's free wine! And artsy types, and galleries open 'til late, and the eye candy of a club, and the drunken momentum of a pub crawl, and best of all, no red ropes. The Wynwood and Design District Arts Walk (www.artcircuits.com) is, for our money (i.e. none, because it's free) one of the best nightlife experiences in Miami. And we're not (just) being cheapskates.

The experience of strolling from gallery to gallery (That piece is gorgeous . Pour me another), perusing the paintings (No, I don't think there's a bathroom behind the performance artist), delving into the nuances of aesthetic styles (The wine's run out? Let's bounce) and, erm, getting tanked is as genuinely innovative as…well, the best contemporary art. Just be careful, as a lot of galleries in Wynwood are separated by short drives (the Design District is more walkable). Arts walks go down on the second Saturday of each month, from 19:00 to 22:00 (some galleries stretch 'til 11); when it's all over, lots of folks repair to Circa 28. Visit www.artcircuits.com for information on participating galleries.