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Makena , USA
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Those folks with the coolers and umbrellas, walking north from the sandy entrance to Big Beach? They’re heading to Little Beach, which is part of Makena State Park. Also known as Puʻu Olaʻi Beach, this cozy strand is au naturel . Nudity is officially illegal, though enforcement is at the political whim of the day. The beach is hidden by a rocky outcrop that juts out from Puʻu Olaʻi, the cinder hill that marks the northern end of Big Beach. Take the short but steep trail over the outcropping and bam, there it is, bare buns city.

Little Beach fronts a sandy cove that usually has a gentle shorebreak ideal for bodysurfing and boogie boarding. When the surf’s up, you’ll find plenty of local surfers here as well. When the water’s calm, snorkeling is good along the rocky point. For parking, use the northern lot at Big Beach.