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Introducing Pali Highway

Slicing through the spectacular emerald Koʻolau Range, the Pali Hwy (Hwy 61) runs between Honolulu and Kailua. True, the H-3 Fwy is quicker, but the Pali wins hands down for beauty and scenic stops. If it’s been raining heavily, every fold and crevice in the jagged cliffs will have a fairyland waterfall streaming down it.

Once upon a time, an ancient Hawaiian footpath wound its way perilously over these cliffs. In 1845 the path was widened into a horse trail and later into a cobble-stone carriage road. In 1898 the Old Pali Hwy (as it’s now called) was built along the same route but was abandoned in the 1950s after tunnels were blasted through the Koʻolau Range.