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Introducing Paʻia

Home to an eclectic mix of surfers and soul seekers, Paʻia is Maui’s hippest burg. Once a thriving sugar town, a century ago Paʻia boasted 10,000 residents living in plantation camps above the now-defunct sugar mill. During the 1950s there was an exodus to Kahului, shops were shuttered and Paʻia began to collect cobwebs.

Attracted by low rents, hippies seeking paradise landed in Paʻia in the 1970s. A decade later, windsurfers discovered Hoʻokipa Beach, and Paʻia broke onto the map big-time. Its aging wooden storefronts, now splashed in sunshine yellows and sky blues, house a wild array of shops geared to visitors. And the dining scene? Any excuse to be here at mealtime will do.