Nakalele Blowhole

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Nakalele Point , USA
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The Nakalele Blowhole roars when the surf is up but is a sleeper when the seas are calm. To check on its mood, park at the boulder-lined pull-off 0.6 miles beyond the 38-mile marker. You can glimpse the action, if there is any, a few hundred yards beyond the parking lot. This is the safest viewpoint.

It’s a 15-minute scramble down a jagged moonscape of lava rocks to the blowhole, which can shoot up to 100ft. Keep a safe distance and watch your footing carefully. A tourist fell into the hole and vanished in 2011. Another died after falling from a cliff in the area in 2013. And it probably goes without saying, but don’t sit on, or peer into, the blowhole!