Piiholo Ranch Zipline

activities / Extreme sports

Piiholo Ranch Zipline information

Makawao , USA
zipline course Piiholoi Rd, canopy tour Makawao Rd
+1 572 1717
More information
zip tours $146-198, canopy tours $94-172
Opening hours
reservations 7am-8pm, tour times vary
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This top-rate operation takes great care to orient zip-riders before they actually take a jump. The first zip is over a gentle sloping meadow, so you can get the butterflies out of your stomach. It becomes progressively more interesting, with the last zip sailing an awesome 2800ft at an eagle’s height of 600ft above the tree canopy. The cheaper tour bypasses the last zip, so for the ultimate rush go for it all. Dual lines let you zip side by side with a buddy.