Awaʻawapuhi & Nuʻalolo Trails

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Awaʻawapuhi & Nuʻalolo Trails information

Kokeʻe State Park , USA
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The Awaʻawapuhi Trail (3.2 miles one way) and more challenging Nuʻalolo Trail (3.8 miles) are the best of Kokeʻe. Both ultimately afford unforgettable vistas of 2000ft cliffs rising above the Na Pali Coast. If you’re undecided as to which trail to take, Awaʻawapuhi is much less technical and Nuʻalolo is steeper, though each require a good amount of endurance.

The Awaʻawapuhi Trail sees more people, and there are some steep steps where you might find yourself hugging a tree. At the trail's end you’ll arrive at a breathtaking view of the cliffs below Awaʻawapuhi Lookout .

Perhaps nothing is more exhilarating than the connecting Nuʻalolo Cliffs Trail (2.1 miles), where you’ll sometimes feel like more of a rock climber or makeshift acrobat than a hiker. As of 2014, this trail was closed indefinitely, however, due to erosion and a washout.

The trailhead for the Nuʻalolo Trail is just south of the Koke’e Museum. The Awaʻawapuhi Trail begins off Kokeʻe Rd, about 1.5 miles uphill past the museum.