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Introducing Hana

After the spectacular drive to get here, some visitors are surprised to find the town is a bit of a sleeper – Hana (population 1855) doesn’t hit you with a bam. Cows graze lazily in green pastures stretching up the hillsides. Neighbors chat over plate lunches at the beach. Even at Hana’s legendary hotel, the emphasis is on relaxation.

Isolated as it is by that long and winding road, Hana stands as one of the most Hawaiian communities in the state. Folks share a strong sense of ʻohana (family), and if you listen closely you’ll hear the words ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’ a lot. There’s a timeless rural character, and though ‘Old Hawaii’ is an oft-used cliché elsewhere, it’s hard not to think of Hana in such terms. What Hana has to offer is best appreciated by those who stop and unwind.