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Lonely Planet review

There are the rich, there are the super-rich, and then there are the denizens of Ocean Blvd. Driving along this seaside stretch of Hwy A1A is an eye-popping lesson in exactly how much money can buy – the road is lined with sprawling estates ranging from faux Greco-Roman temples to pink Spanish-style palaces as big as any hotel. And most of these houses are merely second (or third) homes for their owners! You may find the view inspirational, or it may make you want to start a proletarian uprising – either way, it's a gorgeous drive, with impeccably manicured lawns and snatches of cobalt sea visible through the hedgerows.

The most famous mansion overlooking this stretch of surf and sand is Donald Trump's predictably over-the-top Mar-a-Lago , purchased in 1985 for a paltry $8 million and soon turned into a private club. Best glimpsed driving over Southern Blvd Bridge from West Palm, it was the location of his most recent wedding reception.