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Lonely Planet review

Sure, it's steep, but brunch at the Breakers' storied restaurant will certainly rank among the most amazing you'll ever enjoy. Beneath soaring 30ft frescoed ceilings, surrounded by ocean views and entertained by a roving harpsichordist, guests begin their feast at the breakfast bar, featuring homemade donuts, tropical fruits and an on-demand omelette chef. Next, swing through the carving station, past the cheese table brimming with exotic goat cheeses and more, and make your way to the 4ft-tall ice sculpture standing vigil over the seafood bank overflowing with tiger shrimp, king-crab legs and mussels. Hit the hot-foods banquette and as you weave back to your seat, grab a treat from the caviar station (featuring both American sturgeon and salmon). Gorge. Repeat.