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So many posts request the impossible - that a bunch of people who have never met you magically intuit how much you have to spend and what will make you happy on vacation, generally planning out your route for three months and helping you get discount flight reservations.

So, what can you do to get great travel advice?

1. Do your homework
The web is filled with basic information like how far it is from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, or how…


The Cormac McCarthy Amerikkka

I've always been enthralled by his prose and his take on Amerikkkan suburbia. So much more depth than Crocodile Dundee.


Driving from California to Indiana

Early next summer I'll be driving a truck from Mariposa, California to Indianapolis. I'm concerned about driving a truck through the mountains, so I'd like to find the easiest route for that portion of the drive. I also need suggestions on good places to stop along the way, given roughly ten hour driving days. Any ideas will be appreciated.


New Orleans and Louisiana for a week+

Based on some suggestions in a previous post, I have decided to stick to Louisiana for our trip in mid-January. I have never been and would like to check out New Orleans, check out a cemetery (something I just heard about doing there), a swamp tour, and Oak Alley Plantation among other little things that I will surely discover as I do more research. I'm less of a city lover (although New Orleans is definitely intriguing) so I'd like to check out the bayou areas, and do a swamp tour as mentioned.…


Can I have 2 cans of soft drink in my Checked in Luggage

Hello all,

As you can read from the subject title I want to bring 2 cans of soft drink over when I travel to the USA. I fly to LAX transit to JFK NYC. I just want to know firstly can I? Like will the TSA let me? Also will I have to declare this at LAX and will it take long? Dnt want to risk it if it takes too long cause I only have 2.45hrs for the transit


LA to Tampa

I am travelling America for the first time and I am just wondering what the best way is to get from LA to Tampa.
I am leaving LA on the December 10th and I want to be in Tampa by the 20th of December.
Places I want to visit along the way are San Diego, Phoenix, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, New Orleans.
If anyone could help out with idea that would be fantastic thanks.


To Seattle- in mid or late April y 2015

After some problems with survival and chemotherapy, we have not been able to go to Seattle yet, but we are sure go and to return from there in an Amtrak roomette in .mid to late April. planning after about a week there., either by April 19 or May 10. How hard would a day trip to Vancouver be in the earlier date concept?

The Moore Hotel looks good in LP, but it does not took like it is near many restaurants we could walk to. nearby. We like to avoid chain hotels and restaurants. Are there…