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Introducing Atlantic Coast

In 1902 speed catapulted Daytona into the national psyche when playboy racecar drivers Ransom Olds (of Oldsmobile fame) and Alexander Winston waged a high-profile race along the unusually hard-packed sandy shore, reaching an unheard of 57mph. The Florida East Coast Automobile Association was founded in 1903, and the Winter Speed Carnival (predecessor to today's Daytona 500) in 1904. For the next 30 years Daytona Beach was where speed records were made – and subsequently shattered. Stock-car racing came into vogue during the late 1930s; 'Race Weeks' packed beaches with fans. In 1947 Nascar was born here. In 1959, racing was relocated from the beach to the Daytona International Speedway.

Leaving 'The World's Most Famous Beach,' Daytona Beach, zoom north along Florida's Atlantic Coast to historic St Augustine, buzzing Jacksonville and charming Amelia Island, with plenty of picturesque islands, parks and places to explore en route.