Spotlight on Chicago

Chicago is one of those American cities known for its vigor. It's famous for its river-hugging architecture, blues, comedy and major food scene and well, we love it.  So here's a grab-bag of Chicago's finest, with something for everyone.

A starter guide to Chicago - Get the basics down and you'll be rocking it like a local in the Windy City.

Top 10 Chicago highlights - Short on time? These highlights have been cherrypicked so you can get straight to the best.

Perfect day in Chicago - Even shorter on time? This nifty one-day itinerary will satisfy your immediate Chicago desires.

Cutting edge comedy - Chicago's spawned some major comedians. Here's the rundown of the scene and where to go to get some yuks.

Chicago's jazz and blues shrines - Music flows in Chicago's veins. Get the lowdown on the city's musical history and where you can go now to hear the latest.

Infamous architecture of Chicago - Rule #1: Look up! Get the guide to the city's towering, gleaming beauties.

Pizza wars: Chicago vs New York - Forget your thin and crispy - in Chicago it's all about a deep-dish pizza pie.

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