International Boulevard

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Oakland , USA
International Boulevard
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Formerly known as E 14th St, this once-neglected - and still sometimes seedy - part of town has been renamed International Blvd and can be a great place to stroll on a Sunday afternoon. Latino and Asian immigrants have turned it into a 3-mile carnival of food and festivities. You'll find an impressive fleet of excellent taco trucks parked along Fruitvale Ave or at the corner of High St and International Blvd. The Bay Area's best pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) joints are just blocks away.

Mexican and Central American restaurants rub elbows with Vietnamese. Dive bars selling cheap beer and margaritas open their doors here and there. Families out for the paseo, squads of young men, bevies of young women, strolling musicians and pushcart sellers of tamales and ice cream jam the boulevard and bring it to life every week.