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Introducing Las Vegas & Around

You know you’re in Nevada when even roadside gas stations have slot machines.

As ambitious as a starlet vying for your affections, outrageous Las Vegas is a wild ride, a fantasy land that’ll never let you down. According to Hollywood legend, some ramshackle gambling houses, tumbleweeds and cacti were all there was the day mobster Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel drove out into the Mojave Desert and decided to raise a glamorous, tropical- themed casino under the searing sun. Nobody thought that anyone would ever come here. But they couldn’t have been more wrong, baby.

In Sin City, fate is decided by the spin of a roulette wheel. It’s a place where the poor feel rich and the rich lose thousands. In this high-octane desert oasis, all that glitters is likely gold. Glamour’s sweet stench is as thick as the cigarette smoke rolling off a blue-haired grandmother’s fingers feeding nickels into the slot machine while slugging gin-and-tonics. Vegas wasn’t built to last, but ironically it does. Like the shifting sand dunes that encircle it, what’s hot and what’s not can change in the blink of an eye here. Thankfully, what never changes is the eternal cool of the city itself.

Every decade has just made Vegas more of a boomtown than ever before. But time is irrelevant in this town. There are no clocks, just never-ending buffets and ever-flowing drinks. Acrobats spiral above the blackjack tables at Circus Circus, fountains burst outside the Bellagio, and go-go dancers heat up ultra lounges at megaresorts such as the MGM Grand. A bible-toting Elvis kisses a giddy couple that just pledged eternity in the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Nothing on the Strip ever stops, nor do the vintage gambling halls on Fremont Street in old downtown, and neither should you.

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, where everyone lives like the King.