Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

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Boston , USA
Congress St Bridge
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Metro: South Station
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After years of anticipation and restoration, the Tea Party Ships are moored at the reconstructed Griffin's Wharf, alongside a shiny new museum dedicated to the revolution's most catalytic event. Interactive exhibits allows visitors to meet re-enactors in period costume, explore the ships, learn about contemporary popular perceptions through multimedia presentations and even participate in the protest.

At the time of opening in 2012, visitors can board the fully-rigged Eleanor and the whaler Beaver to experience life aboard an 18th-century vessel. (The Dartmouth is expected to be built later.) Would-be rebels can throw crates of tea into the harbor, in solidarity with their fiery forebears.

Using re-enactments, multimedia and other fun exhibits, the museum addresses all aspects of the Boston Tea Party, as well as the events that followed. To hear both sides of the story, visitors can witness a virtual debate between Sam Adams and King George III (though in reality they never met). The museum's one actual artifact – a tea crate known as the Robinson Half Chest – is highlighted with an audio presentation.