Chena Hot Springs Resort

Chena Hot Springs Resort information

Fairbanks , USA
Chena Hot Springs Rd
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At the end of Chena Hot Springs Rd is the Chena Hot Springs Resort. The springs themselves were discovered by gold miners in 1905, and by 1912 they were the premier place to soak for the happy residents of boom town Fairbanks. They still are. The busiest season for this resort, by far, is winter, and often during midweek in the summer you can score on some impressive 'slow season discounts'.

The Chena springs are at the centre of a 40 sq mile geothermal area and produce a steady stream of water that's so hot, it must be cooled before you can even think about putting a toe in. The most popular activity is hot-tub soaking, done both outdoors and indoors. Other activities include mountain biking, hiking, horse riding and fishing the local streams for grayling. The resort also has a fine restaurant and a bar that is decorated in Yukon Quest memorabilia.