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Introducing Anchorage & Around

Once you realize that Anchorage isn’t simply a big city on the edge of the wilderness but rather a big city in the wilderness, it starts to make sense. The town manages to mingle hiking trails and traffic jams, small art galleries and Big Oil, like no other city. Among big box stores and mini-malls, there’s more than 100 miles of city trails meandering in hidden greenbelts and a creek splitting downtown where anglers line up to catch trophy salmon.

Towering behind the municipality is the nation’s third-largest state park, the half-million-acre Chugach. The wilderness is never far, which is why Anchorage’s young population (the average age is 32) is an active one. Stay for a few days, explore the cycle trails, patronize the art galleries and dine in Alaska’s best restaurants, and you’ll understand why half the state’s population chooses to live in and around this city.