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In a city built on ersatz facsimiles and Disney-esque gimmicks, the not-to-be-missed Oriental Hammam stands out as the hands-down best re-creation of another country’s cultural institution: a Moroccan bathhouse. Moroccan-born attendants walk you into a giant, echoey, steamy marble room lit by stained-glass lanterns, where they wrap you in muslin, bathe you on a marble bench from a running hot-water fountain, then lay you down on an enormous, heated marble cube – head-to-toe with three other women (or men, depending on the day) – and scrub your entire body with exfoliating coarse gloves. Next they bathe you again then lead you to a steam room where you relax before receiving a sensuous mud body mask and honey facial, a brief massage and your final rinse. Afterward, you’re wrapped in dry muslin and escorted to a meditative relaxation room, where you drift to sleep beneath a blanket and awaken to hot mint tea and dates – just like in Morocco. If you visit only one spa in Dubai, make it the Oriental Hammam.