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Getting there & away

Zaporizhzhya-1 train station (005, pr Leninaya 2) is at the southeastern end of pr Leninaya. Trains trundle to Kyiv (85uah, 10 hours), Kharkiv (70uah, 4½ hours), Lviv (140uah, 20 hours), Odesa (85uah, 17 hours) and Simferopol (70uah, five hours).

Many trains going north stop in Dnipropetrovsk (25uah, 2½ hours), but you’re much better off on a marshrutka (15uah, 1½ hours, every 15 minutes) from the bus station or from pl Leninaya near the dam.

The bus station (642 657; pr Leninaya 20) is near Zaporizhzhya-1 train station. Autolux (642 558) has four buses per day to Kyiv (9½ hours, 90uah). The KyivSimferopol bus stops through here, and all major cities in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, such as Odesa (12 hours), are well-served.

You can buy train tickets at booths in the lobby of the Hotel Intourist.