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Working and volunteering


Volunteers for the US Peace Corps and Soros Foundation have a long history with the country, as do religious missionaries.

Bikeland (www.bikeland.com) If it expands across the country, the Bikeland project may at some point be on the lookout for experienced cyclists to mark out trails. Contact the organisers through its website.

Life2Orphans (www.life2orphans.org) Volunteers are sorely needed in Ukraine’s desperately underfunded orphanages. Life2Orphans is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in this sector.

Svit Ukraine (www.svit-ukraine.org) This NGO organises various volunteer camps and placements for young people with the aim of promoting issues such as sustainable development, human rights and democracy.

Volunteer in Ukraine (www.volunteerinukraine.com) NGO dispatching volunteers to orphanages, children's hospitals and disabled children's homes.


Since independence English teachers and a few adventurous entrepreneurs have been attracted to Ukraine to work and do business. Kafkaesque bureaucracy puts many off registering legally. To get a work permit you have to show that a Ukrainian could not do the job you’re being hired for.

Online jobs are advertised on the following websites:

www.cicerone.com.ua Kyiv language school.

www.go2kiev.com/view/jobs.html Jobs and work permit info in English.

job.ukr.net Type ‘English’ into the search field.

www.jobcast.com.ua Type ‘English’ or ‘Teacher’ into the search field.

www.tryukraine.com Advice and help finding English teaching positions.

www.rabota.ua Lists a limited number of jobs for English speakers.

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