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Getting there & away

From the bus station (202 51; vul Hrushevskovo) services leave every 15 to 30 minutes to Ivano-Frankivsk (10uah, one hour), about every 30 minutes to Kosiv (8uah, one hour) and hourly to Yaremcha (6uah, one hour 10 minutes) and Bukovel, among others. There are two to three services a day to Rakhiv (16uah, 3½ to four hours) and many to and from Chernivtsi (12uah, 1½ hours).

Kolomyya train station (226 68) is northeast of town. There are at least three trains a day from Lviv to Kolomyya (from 12uah, 5½ hours), all stopping in Ivano-Frankivsk. Additionally, local trains go to and from Ivano-Frankivsk (5uah, 1½ to two hours, four daily), Chernivtsi (4uah, 2½ hours, four daily), and Rakhiv (6.50uah, 4½ hours, once daily). A basic train timetable to/from Kolomyya can also be found at kolomyya.org ­/rizne/rozklad.htm.