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Getting there & away




The bus station (416 35; vul Holovna 219) is 4km southeast of the centre, where services leave to Khotyn (10uah, two hours, half-hourly to hourly), Kamyanets-Podilsky (15uah, 2½ hours, half-hourly), Ivano-Frankivsk (24uah, four hours, at least three daily) and Lviv (42uah, 7½ hours, at least twice daily) among others. Longer-distance services to Kyiv (90uah to 100uah, nine hours, two daily) and Odesa (100uah, 13 hours, two daily) are also available, as well as to Simferopol in Crimea in summer.

Some services to and from Kolomyya (12uah, 1½ hours) do pass through Chernivtsi bus station, but many instead terminate at Kalynivsky Market, where you must change to local marshrutky. Heading north, you can catch services from the market to Kolomyya, but the chaos makes choosing the right bus difficult. Much easier is to head for the Drizhdzhi zavod () stop, which is the northern terminus of trolleybus 3, on a huge roundabout. All northward-bound buses or marshrutky here go to Kolomyya. Or you can join the local hitchhikers.


The train station (592 432; vul Gagarina 38) is 1.5km north of the centre. Advance train tickets are sold at the train ticket office (429 24, 055; vul Holovna 128; 9am-7pm).

Mainline services include those to Kyiv (85uah, 12½ to 15 hours, two daily) and Odesa (17 hours, daily); an extra service to Moscow also stops in Kyiv en route. Services to Lviv (50uah, 5½ to 11 hours, three daily) go via Ivano-Frankivsk. Local trains go to Kolomyya (5uah, 2 to 2½ hours, at least four daily).

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