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Getting around

Odesa airport is about 12km southwest of the city centre, off Ovidiopilska doroha. Bus 129 goes to/from the train station; buses 117 and 101 run to/from the pl Hretska stop.

To get to the centre from the train station (about a 20-minute walk), go to the stop near the McDonald’s and take any bus saying ‘Площа Грецка’ (ploshcha Hretska), such as bus 148. Buses 155 and 109, and trolleybuses 4 and 10, go up vul Pushkinska before curving around to vul Prymorska past the passenger port and the foot of the Potemkin Steps.

Bus 208 and trolleybus 8 go from the train station to the long-distance bus station. From the Pryvoz bus station to pl Hretska take bus 220.

It’s still fairly easy to flag down unofficial ‘cabs’ in Odesa. These charge about 10uah to 15uah to get anywhere in the centre. Official taxis charge double that, while standing taxis at hotels and the train station charge triple that. Always agree on a price beforehand. By phone try Elit-Taxi (371 030).

Rental cars are especially useful for exploring Bessarabia or the Kherson area. Try Europcar (777 4011) in the Hotel Londonskaya.