Bul Prymorsky

Bul Prymorsky information

Odesa , Ukraine
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Sooner or later everyone gravitates to this tree-lined pedestrian zone with replica 19th-century gas lamps, park benches and more photographers armed with a small zoo of animals with which to have your photo taken. At the boulevard's eastern end, you'll spot the pink-and-white colonnaded City Hall , originally the stock exchange and later the Regional Soviet Headquarters. The cannon here is a war trophy captured from the British during the Crimean War. In the square in front of City Hall is Odesa's most photographed monument, the Pushkin statue (Памятник Пушкину). The plaque reads 'To Pushkin – from the Citizens of Odesa'.

Continuing along the boulevard, at the top of the Potemkin Steps you'll reach the statue of Duc de Richelieu (Памятник Ришелье), Odesa's first governor, looking like a Roman in a toga.

At the western end of bul Prymorsky stands the semi-derelict Vorontsov Palace (Воронцовский дворец). This was the residence of the city's third governor, built in 1826 in a classical style with interior Arabic detailing. The Greek-style colonnade behind the palace offers brilliant views over Odesa's bustling port.