Nalubale Rafting

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Lonely Planet review

The source of the Nile is one of the most spectacular white-water rafting destinations in the world and for many visitors to Uganda a rafting trip is the highlight of their visit. There are now four companies offering exhilaration without compromise. One of these operators is the relative newcomer Nalubale Rafting.

All the companies take on the Big Four, all monster Grade Five rapids, including Itanda (The Bad Place), but there is always a safety boat on hand if you decide the rapids are just too big for you. All of them also include a host of incentives to lure you over, including meals and beers. They also offer DVDs and videos of your big day out if you think that no-one will believe you were brave enough back home. All operators accept credit cards, and you can also book trips through guesthouses and hotels in Kampala. They can all pick up punters from the popular hostels and hotels in Kampala, and drop off in the evening for those not staying in Jinja. Check out for more on professional kayaking courses from three to five days, as well as tandem kayaking trips and sunset paddles. All in all, the Nile looks set to compete with the Zambezi for the title of Africa's favourite river for frolics in the coming years.