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Money & costs


Australian currency is the legal tender, but there are also Tuvaluan 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c and $1 coins. You're strongly advised to take enough A$ cash with you to cover your trip.

The National Bank of Tuvalu on Funafuti is the country's only bank. Several major currencies, plus Fijian dollars, are accepted for exchange; the rate for cash is better than travellers cheques, but neither rate is great. There's a commission payable on travellers cheques.

Be warned: on our most recent visit there were no credit-card facilities available in Tuvalu and no ATMs. This may change with the possible (but as yet unconfirmed) introduction of ANZ banking services to the country (ring 20803 or email nbt@tuvalu.tv to check current information.

There is a Western Union (20622; www.westernunion.com) branch in Funafuti that accepts money transfers, but if the lines are down this may not happen as quickly as advertised.

Tipping isn't expected.