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Getting around

Bus & tram

Bus & dolmuş

To reach Atatürk Alanı from the otogar, cross the shore road in front of the terminal, turn left, walk to the bus stop and catch any bus with ‘Park’ or ‘Meydan’ in its name; the dolmuş for Atatürk Alanı is marked ‘Garajlar-Meydan’. A taxi between the otogar and Atatürk Alanı costs €4.

The easiest way to get to Trabzon’s otogar is to catch a dolmuş marked ‘Garajlar’ or ‘KTÜ’ from the northeastern side of Atatürk Alanı.

Dolmuşes mainly leave from Atatürk Alanı, although you can flag them down along their routes. Whatever your destination, the fare should be €0.50.

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Local transport


There are several taxi stands in the centre, including one on Atatürk Alanı.

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