Making the most of it: 24-hour itineraries

You've got a day in a city. You're thinking, eh, I'm jet-lagged, I don't know where anything is, how much will I actually get to see? Well, a lot actually. It's all about making the most of it.

You might not be back there for a while so grab one of these 24-hour itineraries to some of the world's wildest cities and get out there to squeeze every last drop of travel experience from your limited time. You'll be surprised how much ground you'll be able to cover in one perfect day.

Perfect day in Barcelona

The seductive seaside capital of Barcelona is a hard-working city with a strong hedonistic streak, so steel yourself for a fantastic day...that might take you a week to recover from.

Perfect day in Toronto

A blend of American cultural osmosis and staunch Canadian independence, Toronto is lively, tolerant and open-minded - with a city full of stellar coffees houses to kick off your perfect day in.

Perfect day in London

So many monuments, so many shops, so many museums and galleries! If you want to get a good feel for London in a day, you'd better get up early. (Plus you'll get your pick of goodies at Borough Market.)

Perfect day in Paris

You're thinking 'how could a day in Paris be anything other than perfect?' There are so many luscious things vying for your attention in Paris - and this itinerary packs as many as possible into one heady 24 hours.

Perfect day in Istanbul

Your perfect day in Istanbul will start early and evocatively with the sounds of the call to prayer and end with relaxation and cocktails at a rooftop bar. Not bad, huh?