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Getting around

For Adnan Menderes airport, note that buses can no longer drop you off (since the building of the highway about 10 years ago). You must now take a bus to İzmir otogar (€4.70, 1¼ hours, 80km), take the free shuttle service to the centre, then take a bus.

Şehiriçi minibuses (€0.85) run every few minutes in summer (every 15 to 20 in winter) from Kuşadası otogar to the town centre, and up and down the coast. Kadınlar Denizi minibuses speed along the coast road south to the beach. You can pick up a minibus heading north along the coast to Kuştur (€1.85) at the junction of İstiklal Sokak and Atatürk Bulvarı.