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Behramkale & Assos

Getting there & away

Regular buses run from Çanakkale (€3.50, 1½ hours) to Ayvacık, where you can pick up a dolmuş (which leaves when full) to Assos (€1.50, 20 minutes).

Alternatively, you can get to Behramkale from Gülpınar (€1.50, one hour) or Küçük­kuyu (€2, one hour).

Off season, dolmuşes run much less frequently and you can have trouble getting away from Behramkale. If you do visit then try to get to Ayvacık as early in the day as you can to catch a dolmuş to Behramkale. If you miss the last one, Ayvacık has a couple of hotels, or a taxi will cost around €25 to €30.

At the time of writing, boat services to Lesvos had been suspended by the Turkish army. Services may resume in the future; in the meantime, you can get to Lesvos from Ayvalık.